RNA aptamers are oligonucleotide sequences which can recognize target molecules with high affinity and specificity. RNA aptamers can be used as macromolecular drugs, in substitution for proteins (antibodies).

Frequency of occurrence of the 5-tile codes

5-tile code sequences

  1. 1AMO, 1DDY, 1EHT, 1ET4, 1EXD

  2. 1EXY, 1F1T, 1F27, 1FMN, 1IE2

  3. 1KOC, 1KOD, 1NBK, 1NEM, 1NTA

  4. 1NTB, 1O15, 1OOA, 1Q8N, 1RAW

  5. 1TOB, 1U1Y, 1ULL, 1XWP, 1XWU

  6. 2AU4, 2B57, 2B63, 2TOB, 484D

  7. 5MSF, 6MSF, 7MSF