ProteinSplitter (ver. 0.2) - Split a PDB file into a set of PDB files of all short fragments of the protein.

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ProteinSplitter [-l length] [-d]    filename

A PDB file with suffix ".ent" or ".pdb"(Example)

Create a directory "segXX", which contains ".pdb" files of amino-acid fragments of length XX, in the current directory.

ProteinSplitter reads a PDB file (xxx.ent or xxx.pdb) and generates all complete fragments of the specified length, where a complete fragment means a fragment with all N and C atoms. 

The following options are available:

-l  length
By default, fragmants of length five are generated. The -l option specify the length of fragments.

By default, all files of the generated fragements are stored in directory "segXX" without any subdirectory. If the -d option is specified they are organized into a file hierarchy.