[From 2010-01-01 to 2010-12-31]

2010-12-31: Add "Comparative Analysis. (1) GroES 'Mobile Loop' / (1.2) Struct. alignment"
                    See EXAMPLES (Encoding/Decoding) > Comparative Analysis > GroES.

2010-12-29: Add "Comparative Analysis. (1) GroES 'Mobile Loop' / (1.1) 1D repre."
                    See EXAMPLES (Encoding/Decoding) > Comparative Analysis > GroES.

2010-07-22: Add "Frequency of occurrence of the DSSP states / D2 codes / PB fragments among 9 superfolds."
                    See EXAMPLES (Encoding/Decoding) > Statistics.

2010-06-06: Add a new section of "Triangle Mesh VS Flow of Triangles.
                    See HOME/Research/(2.2) Triangle Mesh VS Flow of Triangles

2010-06-03: Add a new section of related topics.
                    See HOME/Research/(A) Related topics

2010-06-02: Add the "SHREC’10 Track: Protein Models" track report.
                    See PAPERS > Protein structure and RNA aptamer structure.

2010-05-04: Add the "(0) Result" section.
                    See EXAMPLES (Prediction/Alignment/Others) > SHREC'10

2010-04-25: Add slides of "GENOCRIPT/D2 encoding."
                    See HOME/Research/(1) Protein strct

2010-04-20: New release, "target_ASTRAL175.code" (ASTRAL dataset 1.75) is available.
                    See PROGRAMS/ComSubstruct

2010-03-27: Add "RESULT (a') Examples (detailed information of changes in PHI/PSI dihedral angles)"
                     See EXAMPLES (Prediction/Alignment/Others) > Multi.-struct. sequences > Statistical Analysis.

2010-03-09: Add "(1) Summary of our method"
                     See EXAMPLES (Prediction/Alignment/Others) > SHREC'10.

2010-01-31: Add the page of "SHREC'10 Protein Classificatiob Task"
                     See EXAMPLES (Prediction/Alignment/Others) > SHREC'10.