About Critical Assessment of techniques for protein Structure Prediction (CASP) :

The main goal of CASP is to obtain an in-depth and objective assessment of our current abilities and inabilities in the area of protein structure prediction. To this end, participants will predict as much as possible about a set of soon to be known structures. These will be true predictions, not ‘post-dictions’ made on already known structures. See also the CASP7 Home page: http://predictioncenter.org/casp7/.

CASP7 was held at Asilomar Conference Center, Pacific Grove, CA November 26-30, 2006.

Statistics of 5-tile code prediction of CASP7 targets by NtileCodePredictor

Results of 5-tile code prediction by NtileCodePredictor  

  1.   1~10 (T0296, T0314, T0287, T0356, T0320, T0319, T0361, T0306, T0318, T0316)

  2. 11~20 (T0309, T0285, T0307, T0386, T0299, T0321, T0347, T0304, T0300, T0301)

  3. 21~30 (T0351, T0358, T0353, T0382, T0372, T0354, T0325, T0312, T0289, T0333)

  4. 31~40 (T0350, T0383, T0348, T0283, T0323, T0293, T0357, T0365, T0286, T0329)

  5. 41~50 (T0369, T0375, T0373, T0379, T0338, T0368, T0331, T0360, T0384, T0297)

  6. 51~60 (T0371, T0370, T0327, T0376, T0342, T0330, T0374, T0298, T0339, T0364)

  7. 61~70 (T0378, T0363, T0322, T0380, T0303, T0362, T0292, T0313, T0385, T0284)

  8. 71~80 (T0349, T0341, T0302, T0328, T0335, T0326, T0367, T0324, T0332, T0359)

  9. 81~90 (T0311, T0288, T0317, T0381, T0295, T0308, T0334, T0291, T0366, T0305)

  10. 91~95 (T0315, T0340, T0345, T0290, T0346)

*Targets are sorted in increasing order of prediction success rate at the Casp7 using the Global Distance Test Total Score (GDT_TS).